Want to add the REALTOR® trademark logo to your book cover?

Well, it can be done in a few simple steps.

Step One:

After logging into your account, select the book you would like to personalize.

Step Two:

From the book preview page, click the Edit Book button along the bottom of the page.

Step Three:

From the book editor application, click on the Name Field. This will open the Author Name dialog box.

Step Four:

In ALL CAPS type REALTOR after your name.

Step Five:

Now it is is time to add the trademark ® symbol.

Mac Users: Hold Option and press R

PC Users: Hold ALT press 0174

Once you have the trademark symbol click OK located in the bottom right of the dialog box.

Step Six:

Once your edit has been saved, EXIT out of the book builder app to view the book preview. You should now see the REALTOR® logo on the cover of your book.


Remember anytime you make an edit to your book you must click the Generate Digital Book button from the book preview page to ensure the edits you have made are carried over to both the provided landing page and digital book.

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