By default, the broker logo option is disabled. In order to add your brokerage logo follow the simple steps below.

Step One:

After logging into your account, select the book you would like to personalize.

Step Two:

From the book preview page, click the Edit Book button along the bottom of the page.

Step Three:

To enable the broker logo option, click the gear icon along the bottom of the page. This will open the Preferences dialog box. Select Include Your Broker Logo.

Step Four:

You will now see a placeholder logo appear. To edit the logo, click the logo that appears on your book, this will open the Broker Logo dialog box.


Inside the Logo Gallery tab, we have pre-loaded several of the most common broker logos. Scroll through this collection to see if your desired logo is included. If so, simply click on the correct image.

Step Five:

To upload a logo, open the Upload Image tab and click Browse Files. Find the logo file on your desktop and click Open.

Step Six:

Your logo will now appear in the resizing tool. Position the image to your liking and click ok.

Step Seven:

You will now see the uploaded logo on the back cover of your book. Make sure to save your edit using the Save button along the top right of the page. Your edits will also be autosaved within a matter of moments. A green dialog will appear when the autosave is complete. Click Exit to view your book in the Book Preview window.

Step Eight:

Confirm your logo has been added to the back cover of your book by advancing the last page with the preview window.

Step Nine:

Remember, anytime you make an edit to your book, you must click the Generate Digital Book to ensure your new edits are visible on your landing page and digital book.

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