There are so many ways you can use your books to get listings. When you signed up, you were mailed a guide with helpful tips for how to use your books. We recommend consulting that guide and reaching out to your Marketing Success Coach with any questions or for more ideas. Our membership site is also chock-full of information about how to use your books and testimonials from other members who have gotten listings with their books in creative ways.

That being said, here are some of the best ways to use your book.

  1. Use your books as part of a pre-listing package. You can email out a link to your digital book to any leads you’re trying to convert or mail/drop off a physical book package. We recommend starting with the most qualified leads first — FSBOs, expireds, vacant homeowners, etc.

  2. Use your books on listing appointments. When you’re close to landing a deal, let your books be the final deciding factor that pushes you over the edge.

  3. Send your digital book link to everyone in your sphere. Save your printed books for highly qualified leads and encourage people in your sphere to forward your link on to anyone they know who may be looking to buy or sell real estate.

  4. Share your digital book link on social media.

  5. Add your digital book link to your email signature.

  6. Add a link to your digital book to your profiles on sites like Zillow and

  7. Hand out your books at events. Leave your books on the table with a sign that says “take a free copy of my book.”

Wherever you go, try to keep a few copies of your book on hand. You never know when you might meet someone who could become a new lead. The same goes for your digital book link. Print it on your business cards or have a flyer on hand that has the link or a QR code to view it.

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