If you don’t have a professional headshot ready to go, you can start by choosing a cover design without a photo. You can always go back later and switch your cover design once you get a new headshot you’d like to use. The important thing is to get started as soon as possible so you can publish your digital book and get physical copies in front of people looking to buy or sell real estate.

Another option is to take a photo on your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, for example, you can put it in portrait mode and have a coworker, friend or family member take your picture. Here are some tips for taking your own photo:

  • Make sure you’re dressed professionally in neutral colors.

  • Consider your scenery. We recommend choosing a simple background for your book cover image so it doesn’t clash with your cover design.

  • Consider the lighting. Make sure the light source is coming from in front of your face or slightly at an angle. Make sure you don’t take a photo with your back to a light source or window. Natural light is typically most flattering, like the natural daylight coming through a window, a shaded area outside or anywhere outdoors on an overcast day

If you want to find a professional photographer, ask around your brokerage to see if anyone has a recommendation. You can also use a number of websites to find local photographers:

  • Thumbtack - A site dedicated to all kinds of services, from piano lessons to house cleaners, you’ll find a quick list of photographers nearby with an easy “headshot photography” search, including prices and recent reviews.

  • Photographer Central Similar to Thumbtack, add your search terms — we used “portrait photographer” — and then desired filters to discover photographers near your location and in your price range.

  • Snappr Photography - A site dedicated only to photography, you’ll need a few more details under your belt about your shoot — the location, for example — to find results, but you’ll end up with a list that has been “vetted” by the Snappr experts. Fancy, right?

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