We highly recommend our members start out with our seller book, also known as the Business Card Book. We call it that because we recommend giving it away in place of your business card. It’s universally appealing to all types of home sellers — FSBOs, Expireds, people going through divorce, people with vacant homes, etc.

The book is designed to do two things:

1. Convince sellers that hiring you as an agent will make selling their home much easier

2. Net them more money.

However, if you primarily work with buyers, start with the Home Buyer’s Guide, which is the buyer’s equivalent to the Business Card Book.

No matter which book you choose, we recommend starting with just one book. When you use one book, you can familiarize yourself with its content and truly own it as yours.

You can always start with one book, then try out a different title if you want to target a particular niche or try something new.

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